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Leading the way for women

NIcky2NZLI Alumnus and recipient of the 2017 Alumni Leadership Scholarship, Nicky Smith is leading change as a female in the engineering industry. A Chartered Professional Engineer who has been working in the road construction and maintenance sector for over 20 years, Nicky is passionate about recruiting and advancing more women through the industry.

In this recent Herald article, she reflects on the noticable shift in attitudes that she is witnessing and how her experience of the Leadership Mindset programme helped her identify and develop the kind of leadership that is required in addressing the diversity issue. Read article

Youth leadership in the wake of the Florida shooting

March for our livesThe tragedy of the Stoneman Douglas shooting has prompted a student-led movement where youth are challenging long-held assumptions and engaging with questions of power and identity in ways that are gaining unprecedented traction and sending clear messages to those in authority. NZLI's Fiona Kennedy considers the significance of this movement and the students' courage in breaking free from the constraints society places upon them. Read the full article.

When trust isn't enough: Harnessing the value of disagreement

Trust in health safety5Trust is undeniably important in developing a healthy organisational culture, but our latest research indicates that we need to shy away from becoming too comfortable. In her latest article*, Rhiannon Lloyd, Research Fellow at NZLI, advocates for a form of trust that fosters an environment of 'constructive unease', encouraging respectful disagreement and giving voice to some of the critical, difficult questions that might not otherwise have surfaced. This is especially relevant in the area of health and safety, where the implications of remaining tight-lipped can be far-reaching.

*First published in Safeguard magazine, NZ's leading publication on the management of workplace health and safety.

Collaboration in a coalition government

CoalitionA coalition government brings the work of leadership and collaboration to the fore, and in particular calls for an approach and set of practices around conflict and engaging with difference that are less critical when one party leads alone. Read the latest piece from NZLI's Dr Fiona Kennedy about the opportunity for the government to harness this 'creative abrasion' as a source of energy, innovation and collaboration. 

Leadership - it's not just about 'getting things done'

Leadership Insights3

It can sometimes be overlooked in the busyness of daily life, but the ability to push pause, stop and reflect, take time to question, reframe and recalibrate is crucial to leadership. In his latest article, Kerr Inkson explores how this can play out in an organisational setting.


Is leadership defined by what it is not?


Dr Fiona Kennedy, Senior Facilitator and Researcher at NZLI, reflects on the French presidential election and the lessons for leadership within our own organisations

Taking a new lead on leadership

Brigid Carroll

Read the Herald article with Dr Brigid Carroll that says the same old approach won't solve the big issues

Lessons from the 2016 US Presidential campaignAlchemy of Leadership

Dr Fiona Kennedy asks what role followers have played in co-creating these 'authentic' leaders.
Listen to RNZ Jesse Mulligan interview Fiona
Read The Alchemy of Authenticity

Leadership as unexceptional everyday practice

Leadeership as everyday practiceAnn Moore spoke to Professor Barbara Simpson of Leadership and Organisational Dynamics at Strathclyde University Business School in Glasgow about her take on what leadership practice really means. Read the article