Research & Insights

We see our research as a process of enquiry, a practice of applied curiosity. Put simply, leadership fascinates us. We research leadership and its development from a critical perspective. Today’s world is demanding a rethink of the old conventional models where leadership was based on stability. There is a need to consider what leadership looks like for a fast-paced, ever-changing world, and this forms the basis of much of our research.

Leadership confronts the boundaries we perceive. As researchers, we are seeking to develop cutting-edge leadership thinking that breaks the mould and unleashes new insights. Our ideas about leadership are fluid and evolve all the time, not ready-made fossils we are trying to dig up. Indeed, much of our research seeks to revisit ideas that have become established truths and take another angle on them.

At NZLI, our research sits alongside and in dialogue with our leadership development, to the extent that they’re now hard to separate. On the ground, this means that the work we do with leadership practitioners helps to spark new directions for our research. And our programmes provide a place to translate, test and bring new concepts to life.