About the Executive Leadership Mindset Programme

This programme brings together executives from New Zealand's diverse private and public sectors over a series of three 2-day workshops to:

  • Challenge and reframe their perceptions of executive leadership

  • Integrate and apply new leadership thinking and practices, bringing leadership to the forefront over professional or management-oriented tasks

  • Support executives in their role of realising the organisation's strategic objectives

The Executive Leadership Mindset programme is ideally suited to General Managers, Departmental Heads or new/aspiring CEOs.

Programme Dates for the first intake of 2018 are as follows:

Workshop 1: 10-11 April

Workshop 2: 9-10 May

Workshop 3: 14-15 June


Register your interest

To discuss your interest in this programme please contact us:

Email: leadership@nzli.co.nz | Phone: +64 9 923 8807 | Online: Register your interest via our online form