Leadership Needs Analysis

Before embarking on any sort of leadership development, it is important that organisations have a sound understanding of what their development needs actually are; what is the nature of their leadership work, who are the key players in it, what barriers or obstacles might need to be overcome, what are some of the competing tensions, etc.  In gaining an appreciation of the leadership terrain from multiple angles, the true development needs emerge.

This needs analysis process should be one that involves multiple perspectives, insights and methods to ensure it is robust and representative of the status quo. At NZLI, we are able to walk alongside you in this work. The 'scoping' that we engage in varies from one organisation to another, and is planned in conversation with key members of the senior team. 

Through the knowledge and understanding we gain of your specific context, we are then able to advise on a development approach that is aligned to your needs. With our close ties to others parts of the University of Auckland Business School, we have the resources and expertise to craft a relevant, customised development initiative that is geared to the specific needs and organisational imperatives that have been identified. We would firmly ground any subsequent leadership development offering in the organisational realities of everyday life. Learning can be applied to real projects, challenges and opportunities based on the broader organisational goals.

The potential impact of this contextualisation is far greater than plugging and playing an 'off the shelf' programme. Get in touch if you'd like to explore how we might partner with you.