UOA Alumni Leadership Scholarship 2018

The New Zealand Leadership Institute is once again partnering with Alumni Relations at the University of Auckland to offer the Alumni Leadership Scholarship for the fifth successive year. The scholarship secures a place on the upcoming Leadership Mindset Programme which combines the latest in leadership thinking with a non-traditional development experience.

This unique programme which commences in late July is designed for mid-career professionals and managers leading teams, projects or working across networks, and those ready for a step-change in their career pathways.

Fraser Morgan BioPhoto. croppedjpgWe would like to extend our congratulations to Fraser Morgan who has been selected as the recipient of the 2018 Alumni Leadership Scholarship. Fraser is the Science Team Leader for the Landscape Policy and Governance team at Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research. Fraser completed a PhD (Geography) at the University of Auckland in 2011. His research interests range from terrestrial bioregions, environmental impact assessments, and land use and land cover change models.

Currently, Fraser leads an MBIE research programme investigating the environmental pressures on the Ross Sea region of Antarctica, and continues to be involved in modelling the implications of various environmental policies and changing farmer behaviour within New Zealand. His strong interest in science to policy advice led Manaaki Whenua to develop the Antarctic Environments Portal, a platform for science to policy advice to the Antarctic Consultative Treaty Meetings, in association with Antarctica New Zealand.

Fraser is looking forward to engaging with his peers on the upcoming programme.“While I have experience in leading people to achieve scientific goals, I recognised the Leadership Mindset Programme was a fantastic opportunity to discuss and develop my approach to leadership through discussions with the presenters, as well as the other participants in the upcoming Programme. I expect that the Programme will provide these opportunities that will support my growth in science leadership, and also the challenges I face in my team leadership role."

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