Leadership Mindset Programme

Leadership, unlike management, cannot be reduced to a set of skills. If anything defines leadership, it is a mindset. 

The Leadership Mindset programme helps you grow and evolve your leadership mindset whilst drawing on the specific and tangible contexts you work within.

In today’s complex world, what is called for is not a tidy toolkit, but a mindset that is increasingly aware, inquisitive and agile. To develop such a mindset requires an openness to new perspectives, willingness to acknowledge what has become entrenched, and an appreciation of uncertainty and ambiguity.

We believe that, with the right mindset, individuals and organisations will be much better equipped to respond to the leadership challenges and opportunities in front of them. 

Who participates in the Leadership Mindset Programme?

  • Mid-career managers and professionals leading teams, projects or working across networks

  • Individuals or small 'clusters' of 3-5 people from the same organisation

  • Those ready for a step-change in their career pathways

How do organisations benefit?

Organisations will have managers and team leaders who:

  • Engage proactively with the organisation's strategic objectives

  • Engage with issues for which there are no easy answers

  • Adapt to different challenges with agile thinking

Download the Programme Brochure or visit the Executive Education website to find out more about the programme framework, workshop themes and 2019 dates. 

The Leadership Mindset Programme is not a place where detailed tool kits are outlined, along with a list of tick-boxes and step-plans for success. It is a place where your thinking is challenged to the extreme, and the standard beliefs of leadership suddenly appear flawed and entirely ineffective".
- Katy Glenie. Marketing Manager, Outward Bound