Kupe Alumni

Alumni Committee

Pictured L-R Michael Allison, Caitlin MacRae, Connor McDowall, Samantha Menezes, Blair Corbett, Henry Frear, Ariana Hond and Libby Martin.

The Kupe Alumni have demonstrated their commitment to establishing and maintaining a thriving, active alumni community. In 2023 a Kupe Alumni Committee was established to support the needs and interests of the growing alumni community. Two co-chairs were elected and we're thrilled to have Arizona Haddon and Connor McDowall leading this committee and look forward to seeing the continued growth of alumni initiatives.

Alumni mix3

Each year we also have two alumni representatives part of the Kupe Leadership Scholarship Advisory Group. Patricia Pillay, Ane Tonga, Libby Martin, Thomas Collins and Isaac Samuels have generously continued to support the development and growth of the scholarship in this capacity. 

We are delighted by the close connection the Kupe Alumni maintain with the scholarship through their continued involvement in the programme through our events, breakfasts, workshops, dinners and more. It is exciting to see the Alumni community grow and the connections develop between scholars past and present.

Beth Schuck

The Kupe Alumni continue to contribute to all facets of the scholarship and are essential in helping the programme go from strength to strength. We are excited by the richness that their contributions bring to the Kupe Leadership Scholarship.

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