Amanda-Rose Sesio | McCall MacBain Kupe Scholar

Bachelor of Science (Honours) Psychology

We live in a society characterised by a multitude of social inequities. Education and research - key sites of knowledge production and dissemination, remain riddled with such inequities. In many ways these sectors have long perpetuated only Westernised understandings of the world.

This ultimately demands leadership and advocacy for alternative pedagogies and epistemologies. Merging with my own passion for Neuroscience, is my care for social justice and people. As a proud afakasi-Samoan, I see it as my purpose within Neuropsychological Research to promote and platform Indigenous and Pacific understandings of the world and prioritise new methods which will allow our research to better reflect the experiences and realities of our communities.

However, important to me is that we not only pioneer within our sub-disciplines but maintain the broader goal of altering the landscape of research and education itself, to something which centres on people, experiences and a care for bettering our world.

Sponsor: McCall MacBain Foundation

Mentor: Dr Damon Salesa and Hon Jenny Salesa - Toeolesulusulu Damon Salesa, Associate Professor Pacific Studies and Pro Vice-Chancellor (Pacific), Rhodes Scholar, prize winning author. Hon Jenny Salesa, MP for the Panmure-Ōtāhuhu, public servant in the New Zealand health and education sectors, with NGOs and as a politician.