Surita Manoa | William Chick Kupe Leadership Scholar


A positive challenge I see is supporting successful pathways for Pasifika students. As a Samoan student, I am passionate about Pasifika engagement and excellence in academic, sporting and community endeavours. As one of the few female Pasifika students studying architecture, I am determined to be successful in this field. Only 30% of architecture graduates gain registration and of that 30%, only 28% are female, so I hope to be a significant role model for female Pasifika architects and designers. I aim to gain registration, so I could be the sole female Pasifika registered architect of my cohort in New Zealand. Throughout my schooling I have been actively involved in promoting Pasifika student success and I will continue this priority.

Sponsor: William Chick Trust

Mentor: Pip Cheshire, Cheshire Architects. Gold Medal-winning architect; former President of the NZ Institute of Architects; Distinguished Alumnus of the UoA