Mackenzie Henderson-Wraight | McCall MacBain Foundation Scholar


New Zealand has the highest youth suicide rates in the developed world, and the rest of our mental health statistics are not much better. Clearly something is not working if record numbers of Kiwi kids are taking their own lives. By becoming a Dance Movement Therapist I want to make a contribution to solving this major social problem. The size of youth engagement in dance videos online shows the power of dance to spread joy and unite thousands of people in a common experience. (A recent example is #inmyfeelingschallenge which had more than half a million results on Instagram alone.) I believe Dance Movement Therapy would be healing for a lot of these children who may not see another alternative.Youth mental health needs to be led by younger people - those who understand the difficulties they face growing up today. Dance is a way to reach those with such problems.

Sponsor: McCall MacBain Foundation

Mentor: Kerry Ann Stanton; Dance Educator and Celebrant