Jarvis Dams | Feigin Kupe Leadership Scholar


(Undergraduate degree from Waikato University)

Many New Zealand and/or Australian young opera singers have to relocate overseas (Europe/USA), at great expense in order to pursue their careers. When doing so, their primary challenges are raising their professional profile, gaining public recognition and establishing a professional network if they want to have a career as a professional opera singer. The current generation of young artists have a responsibility to both achieve in their art form, while also breaking down the barriers facing future generations and create a world which fully embraces all art forms. It is my aim to develop ways to support performing artists by creating a networking/marketing environment for them, providing virtual audition and performance spaces, an online income stream; peer reviewing and mentoring opportunities, online courses in essential skills, and eventually an income protection programme for freelance artists.

Sponsor: Stuart Feigin

Mentor: Elisabeth Vaneveld, MNZM, Director of Creative Entrepreneurship, UoA; creative sector strategist,facilitator and organiser