Grace Leehan | Sorrenson Sword Kupe Leadership Scholar


The fight for the creative arts to be seen as a valid, legitimate, and serious career choice is an issue and challenge which seems always to require justification. It is a negative attitude that is all too prevalent. And yet New Zealand’s remote location and small population, gives us the advantage of creating distinctive and unique musicians and artists who, together, can become innovative leaders and trailblazers in the creative arts. I want to work with others who are as passionate in taking music in New Zealand to the next level, who are determined to push past current negative perceptions about the worthiness of music as a career. I want to contribute to the New Zealand music community by not only educating future generations of musicians, but also increasing public awareness and understanding for creative New Zealanders and their careers.

Sponsor: Richard Sorrenson and Helen Sword

Mentor: Jess Hindin, Director of the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra’s Sistema Aotearoa Trust