Nathan Pinder | John W Turnbull Engineering Kupe Leadership Scholar

Bachelor of Laws (Honours), Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) conjoint

Law and policy often lags years behind technological change. My studies have shown me why it can be challenging to bridge the gap, and how interdisciplinary leadership could help.

Access to justice is a fundamental right, but New Zealand’s legal system can be inequitable, inaccessible and costly. Modern technology could help solve these problems, but systemic change takes time, and technology is not a silver bullet. Diverse thinkers committed to public service could help realise our vision of an equitable justice system.

Improved communication between politicians and scientists could also transform policy development. Too often, political decisions overlook data-driven policy advice. We have made significant strides against major global issues. It is time to share that progress, to help voters understand what has worked and where challenges remain. I aspire to see New Zealand lead the world in data communication.

Sponsor: John W Turnbull Engineering

Mentor: Natalie Walker

Natalie Walker was appointed as the first Crown Solicitor at Manukau in 2015. Her firm, Kayes Fletcher Walker, is now the office of the Manukau Crown Solicitor, employing over 30 lawyers to undertake the prosecution of serious crime in South Auckland.After graduating with degrees in Law and Arts, Natalie worked for a year and a half at Chapman Tripp in a general commercial team. She later travelled to England, where she graduated in 2000 with an LLM (with distinction) from the University of London (University College). On her return to New Zealand, Natalie worked briefly for John Haigh QC in early 2001 doing criminal defence work, and then joined Meredith Connell in July 2001. In 2008 Natalie was classified as Senior Crown Counsel. In 2013 she was made a Partner but left Meredith Connell in 2014 to establish Kayes Fletcher Walker.