Jarrod Ong | New Zealand Leadership Institute Kupe Leadership Scholar

Bachelor of Commerce (Honours)

In today's evolving business landscape, there is a unique opportunity for Aotearoa to establish itself as a country with high-performing sustainable businesses that provide value to all New Zealanders. Given the growing impacts of climate change, Aotearoa faces an unprecedented energy transition challenge, calling for investments in infrastructure and new technologies while embracing modern governance to create long-term businesses that advance our nation.

However, exploring sustainable business and impactful investments in Aotearoa requires balancing commercial viability with broader societal benefits. It will likely require the coordination and cooperation from diverse stakeholders, both local and international. I am deeply interested in exploring innovative methodologies for evaluating investment opportunities and integrating conventional due diligence with progressive metrics that ultimately contribute to the development of a modern and sustainable economy.

Sponsor: New Zealand Leadership Institute

Mentor: Sam Stubbs

Co-founder and Managing Director of Simplicity, a nonprofit KiwiSaver and Fund Manager that gives 15% of all fees to charity and invests with a conscience. Previously CEO of Tower Investments, he was also MD of Hanover Group and worked for Goldman Sachs in London and Hong Kong. He has also worked for NatWest Markets, Fay, Richwhite and IBM, been a Board Member of the Financial Services Council, and a member of the Government Taskforce on Financial Services. The father of two children. He dreams of Simplicity and sailing around the world. He has an MA (Hons) from the University of Auckland.

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