Francesca Long | Anna Mowbray Kupe Leadership Scholar

Master of Global Studies

With the rapid increase in global interconnection, globalisation has drastically changed how humans interact and what we experience globally. The way this generation and the following deals with such changes can determine whether these global challenges become positive growth opportunities or continuous negative drawbacks for our hapori’s future. With recent global phenomena such as COVID-19, climate change, global conflicts/wars, and advancements in AI technology, sustainability has become an increasingly relevant priority. However, apart from environmental sustainability, three other critical sustainability pillars should also be interwoven- human, social, and economic. 

I strongly believe that multinational corporations in New Zealand play a forefront intersection role in bringing positive and/or negative global experiences into our local whanau. I would love to explore their approaches, policies, and practices of holistic sustainability in an increasingly dynamic and unpredictable global environment, and the impacts such practices have on Aotearoa and other countries’ workers, consumers, and communities.

Sponsor: Anna Mowbray

Mentor: Rachel Maidment

Rachel has extensive international experience, she served as New Zealand Consul General in Guangzhou from 2016 to 2019, a period of rapid expansion in New Zealand’s relationship with Southern China.  During this time she led NZ Inc and supporting agencies and businesses in-market, and oversaw public diplomacy initiatives to strengthen the bilateral relationship.

Prior to this, Rachel served in policy and legal roles at the New Zealand Embassy in Beijing and the New Zealand Commerce and Industry Office in Taipei and was seconded to New York to represent New Zealand at the UN General Assembly.

A fluent Mandarin speaker, Rachel also founded a consultancy which provided services and facilitated business opportunities for New Zealand companies, government agencies and Māori entities in Asia.

Rachel holds a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and Science from the University of Auckland and studied Mandarin at the Australian Defence Force School of Languages and Taiwan National University.