Daniel Stockton | Orbit World Travel Auckland Kupe Leadership Scholar

Bachelor of Law (Honours), Bachelor of Commerce conjoint

New Zealand has a crucial security role in the Pacific, where we support, empower, and protect our neighbours. Our Government and Defence Force are key mediators and actors in modern conflicts, and we must continue to protect affected populations and help rebuild nations after they have incurred hardships and losses. By supporting other nations, we can build global relationships for the future and increase our global connectivity.

Therefore, my interest areas include the maintenance of New Zealand’s international relationships, combat capability, and the de-escalation of armed conflict. I am also interested in how climate change can be mitigated and reduced, and how our Defence Force can contribute to humanitarian aid and natural disasters. Based on my studies, my passion is viewed through a legal lens, whilst also considering learned experiences from my work with NZDF and in private legal practice.

Sponsor: Orbit World Travel Auckland

Mentor: Phil Gibbons, ONZM

Experienced Chief Executive Officer and senior leader. Qualified coach and leadership development professional. Skilled in coaching people through transition, leadership and as a team. Developing organisational culture, Governance, Crisis Management, Operations Management, Risk Management, Coaching, and Government. Strong business development professional graduated from Massey Uni and NZ Institute of Directors. 

With over four decades of leadership experience, coaching, and most importantly real-life experience, inside and outside the NZ Defence Force, his view is different. Phil appreciates that leadership is a moment-to-moment choice and not about title or position. Leadership is for everyone, every day. 

Phil led the development of the NZ Defence Force Leadership framework and the system which has at its centre, the NZ Defence Leadership framework and the Institute for Leadership Development. He was not only the architect of the Institute but also its first Director.