Emily Hacket Pain | Feigin Kupe Leadership Scholar

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) | Bachelor of Commerce 

Sustainable resource management is an important topic in Aotearoa and is calling for leadership. Unnecessary emissions and accumulation of waste in landfill is contributing to the degradation of our environment and climate change. By studying Engineering Science, I want to make better decisions by using mathematical models and computer simulations to help optimise our current resources, reduce waste and lower emissions.

I have discovered that technological tools to optimise sustainability and reduce emissions had little support, financial backing and awareness in Aotearoa. Most companies prioritise optimising profits, however, environmental factors should be considered and weighted accordingly in order to achieve a more sustainable future. Improving sustainability does not have to be at the expense of social, cultural and economic factors. 

I am determined to help build a more sustainable Aotearoa for current and future generations and I hope to champion sustainability and innovation through my work and life.

Sponsor: Stuart Feigin

Mentor: Louise Aitken, visionary chief executive and innovator for a thriving world. She is currently the Sustainability & Climate Action Lead at Deloitte. Previously positions include Chief Executive Officer at The Ākina Foundation and Partner, Circular & Climate Innovation and Sustainability at Toyota New Zealand. An executive manager with over 20 years’ experience leading people and organisations, global partnerships and major programmes, including government investments and delivering to the aspirations and objectives of communities, corporate and public partners.