Elizabeth Gane | Wright Family Kupe Leadership Scholar

Bachelor of Laws (Honours) | Bachelor of Arts | Chinese and Economics

I am passionate about the intersection between cultural fluency and strategy to create leading dispute resolution. My study of Mandarin Chinese language and culture, coupled with my experience observing diverse approaches to problem-solving, has fuelled my interest in building inclusive frameworks for addressing cross-border challenges. Through my competitive experience, I am deeply curious about how alternative dispute resolution can achieve these commercial and social outcomes. In particular, mediation can provide parties from distinct language and cultural backgrounds with space to focus on shared and future-focused goals.

Language learning remains a relatively low study area in New Zealand. Promoting language skills amongst our kaupapa will allow us to engage better with trade partners and participate in global challenges.

Sponsor: Wright Family Foundation

Mentor: Miriam Dean, CNZM KC, a Queen’s Counsel and President of the New Zealand Bar Association. She was a member of the Auckland Transition Authority that created the new Auckland Council and participated in the Government’s recent electricity review. She is Deputy Chair of Auckland Council Investments Ltd and a Director of Crown Fibre Holdings Ltd, which is responsible for implementing the Government’s Ultra-fast Broadband policy. Miriam received the Insignia of a Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to the law and business.