Annah McPherson | UK Friends of the University of Auckland Kupe Leadership Scholar

Masters of Physiotherapy Practice

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, disruptions have been caused across multiple domains in NZ, including the sport and physical activity domain. As physiotherapists, we have a role in facilitating increased physical activity and optimal wellbeing across the NZ population. I believe that to achieve optimal health and wellbeing, a holistic approach to care needs to be taken. Considerations of the domains of Te Whare Tapa Wha and other holistic health frameworks will help to achieve greater health and wellbeing across at-risk populations. I aspire to be a leader in my field, working collaboratively with other clinicians and patients to achieve equity in health and physical activity engagement in our communities.

In addition to my public health interests, this year, I will be working with OPUM technologies to research the application of a wearable knee brace embedded with a sensor to digitally monitor rehabilitation following knee injuries and surgery. This research will support the future use of the technology as a remote patient monitoring tool which will help reduce inequities in access to patient care.

Sponsor: UK Friends of the University of Auckland

Mentor: Chelsea Lane, a Performance Therapist with 20 years’ experience working with elite and professional athletes. She has two championship rings from her time as Director of Performance and Sports Medicine with NBA champions the Golden State Warriors and was Vice President of Athletic Performance and Sports Medicine for the Atlanta Hawks. Chelsea was the first ever woman to oversee a NBA’s training department. Before her time in the US Chelsea worked for High Performance Sport New Zealand as the lead sports physio for Athletics New Zealand.