Tser-Jun Foo | Biggar Family Kupe Leadership Scholar

Master of Organisational Psychology

The mental, emotional and physical toll of modern work life is extensive. Driven by agencies such as career, ambition and success, the prognosis of falling into mental fatigue is becoming that much easier. High pressure jobs are more prevalent than ever before and how we support our employees’ wellbeing in any industry will inform the future.

I find great fascination in the place that art, particularly drama, holds in transforming workplace interrelationships. Throughout university, I have always observed the scrutiny of what place art has in the corporate world. However, I believe the aspects of performance, communication and expression, can and should be interwoven into the organisational development field. It is an opportune time to blend our intersectionality, which includes education, to diversify and create eccentric outcomes. This prospect excites me as the notion of taking better care of ourselves will amount to taking better care of our world, together.

Sponsor: Biggar Family Trust

Mentor: Professor Peter O'Connor, Director of the Centre for Arts and Social Transformation and team, The University of Auckland. Peter is an internationally recognised expert in making and researching applied theatre and drama education. He has made theatre in prisons, psychiatric hospitals, earthquake zones and with the homeless.