Michael Allison | Mishriki Kupe Leadership Scholar

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Civil and Environmental Engineering

As the global hydrological cycle intensifies and society’s water use is strained, our health, economic prosperity and cultural wellbeing are at risk. I am interested in engineering technologies that can improve water management in New Zealand and the wider Pacific, in the context of population growth and climate change. Humanitarian engineering can provide equitable solutions and set up sustainable practices within the water sector to satisfy the urgent needs of these countries and promote kaitiakitanga throughout the region.

I am also passionate about transdisciplinary engineering in the construction and food production industries. Innovation in these fields can improve wellbeing and foster a human existence which is in accord with the natural world. In order to overcome the environmental degradation that is defining this century, a shift in economic thought is required along with engineering methods that focus on a ‘design with’ rather than ‘design for’ mentality, incorporating indigenous knowledge.

Sponsor: Fady Mishriki

Mentor: Rod Oram, Journalist, Commentator, Edmund Hillary Fellow, winner of the Qantas Media Awards and the Westpac Business and Financial Journalism Awards (Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Community Engagement)