Donna Luo | William Chick Kupe Leadership Scholar

Master of Architecture (Professional) and Heritage Conservation

Marginalised communities are often excluded from architectural discourse. History has shown that architecture is a critical tool in addressing issues such as social housing, climate change, and disaster relief. However, only privileged groups in society have access to design resources despite the mounting issues facing our world today. The same knowledge and capability could address the ever-widening inequality gap prevalent in New Zealand and globally.

Through my study and research, I hope to gain insight into the necessary skills to address the lack of quality housing - a key driver of child poverty, poor respiratory health, and the climate crisis. I truly believe architects can be social agents in building a fairer and more sustainable future. We can only achieve this if we allow different clients to participate in the practice of architecture and challenge the existing barriers that prevent a diverse range of people from entering the profession.

Sponsor: William Chick Trust

Mentor: Pip Cheshire, Cheshire Architects - Gold Medal-winning architect; former President of the NZ Institute of Architects; University of Auckland Distinguished Alumnus