Caitlin MacRae | Feigin Kupe Leadership Scholar

Master of Biomedical Science

Increasing diversity in academia not only more accurately represents our society and levels the playing field, but it also enriches the research environment for everyone. I strongly believe that diversity of thought is critical for advancement of scholarship in any field, and we are limiting ourselves due to a lack of support for many underrepresented people. The current academic systems both within and outside of New Zealand are composed of numerous barriers to entry which result in the exclusion of many people from higher learning. I am passionate about reforming or removing these barriers and generating an academia which is open to scholars from all backgrounds. These changes must take place at an institutional level; provisions and support for those with fewer privileges must be widely available and accessible. Only by allowing all of our academic community to flourish will we be able to tackle our society’s problems.

Sponsor: Stuart Feigin

Mentor: Dr Michelle Dickinson, MNZM, Nanogirl Labs, nanotechnologist, science educator, best-selling author, television presenter