Britney Clasper | Ricketts Kupe Leadership Scholar

Bachelor of Laws (Honours) | Bachelor of Commerce International Business and Marketing

I'm a strong advocate for the idea that if something doesn’t work, try something else. This relates to the concept of the dominant social paradigm, meaning those unspoken assumptions that create a lens through which we understand the world. However, these assumptions are what entrench systems that contribute to societal inequities. For example, dispute resolution as an adversarial process. I have a keen interest in the advancement of alternative dispute resolution in New Zealand. Specifically, I see methods such as mediation as a much more accessible, human-centric approach to conflict.

Moreover, I want to constantly learn from others and have my own social paradigm challenged. This applies not only to the dispute resolution space, but to broader societal issues; consumerism, the role of Te Tiriti, climate change and more.

Sponsor: Fran Ricketts and Geoff Ricketts CNZM

Mentor: Miriam Dean CNZM QC Barrister, Director, Reviewer, Mediator & Arbitrator