Adam Sinclair | John W Turnbull Kupe Leadership Scholar

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Software Engineering

Software Development is in a Golden Age.  Exciting new technologies are rapidly being developed and deployed, realising the previously unimaginable.  Despite the exciting possibilities, I observe that often the only question posed is “Can we?” rather than also asking “Should we?”. 

I believe there is a dire need for leaders who consider all the possible consequences of their technologies, both positive and negative, and use this to inform the development process. They must relentlessly ideate to solve fundamental social and environmental problems and meanwhile be extremely wary when pushing the limits of technology and ethics. 

As a developing Software Engineer, my passion is exploring and pioneering new technologies within these bounds.  In my chosen projects, I campaign for social, ethical, and environmental considerations to be the primary decision metrics.  When these are prioritised, I find it exciting the tangible, positive impact that can be achieved.

Sponsor: John W Turnbull Estate

Mentor: Dr Andrew Chen,  Venture Partner with Matū, an early-stage science and technology commercialisation investment fund, Research Fellow Koi Tū - the Centre for Informed Futures at the University of Auckland in digital technology and impacts on society (incl. ethics and privacy), Chair of the Return on Science Digital Technologies Investment Committee, and a member of the Auckland Momentum Investment Committee.