Lawrence Gao | McCall MacBain Kupe Leadership Scholar

Bachelor of Science (Honours) Psychology

My main passion is education. I see education as a vehicle to drive broader social change. As someone who entered the education system in Aotearoa without being able to speak a word of English, I am extremely grateful for everything it has given me to get me to where I am today. However, I understand that not everyone is as fortunate and there are major inequities which exist within the system. I am determined to bridge help the gaps in our education system to promote better and more equitable outcomes for all New Zealanders.

I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work in various schools across Auckland in various capacities, as a tutor, sports coach and facilitator of classes around sexual violence and consent. Furthermore, I also have insight into the education system from behind the scenes from my time as an intern at the Ministry of Education. I look forward to using these experiences to make a meaningful impact both on the ground and at a policy level whilst learning plenty more along the way.

Sponsor: McCall MacBain Foundation

Mentor: Stuart McNaughton, ONZM, Chief Education Scientific Advisor to Government, Professor in School of Curriculum and Pedagogy.