Jennifer Sarich | Heartland Kupe Leadership Scholar

Bachelor of Science (Honours) Psychology

“Every generation is limited by what it knows” Dr. Otis Moss Jr.

This is what I know: Māori are overrepresented in almost every negative statistic which aims to measure our nations quality of life. This suggests that society as we know it is grossly amiss and requires transformation.

Furthering my studies in Psychology gives me the opportunity to work on projects that offer support and solutions with and for Māori. I am particularly passionate about assisting people in prison and solo mothers. The two may seem naturally polarising, although it is worth highlighting that both demographic groups are extremely vulnerable. Both are scrutinised by the state and both are subject to invasive, precarious lives. 

Standing on the shoulders of my ancestors, I am determined to use my education to contribute towards a more just society for Māori in Aotearoa.

Sponsor: Heartland Bank

Mentor: Sir Kim Workman, KNZM QSO, Former Families Commissioner and National Director of Prison Fellowship, founder of JustSpeak and advocate for Criminal Justice reform.