Jazpah Tata | Woolf Fisher Kupe Leadership Scholar

Master of Education

Having attended various schools around New Zealand as a child, I became fascinated at a young age on the impact of teachers and education on young people. 

This interest has driven a growing passion for teaching and a particular interest I have in education, is teaching New Zealand History. I believe If educators and children can critically engage with our country’s history through multiple lenses, this can help facilitate transformative change within our organisations, as we develop greater understanding for each other.

Māori underachievement in schools is a complex issue that needs many hands, heads and hearts and as a Māori mum and teacher: I am privileged to give of my own. The bridge between knowledge and understanding is sharing; and so as we learn to share and then listen: I believe we can create more inclusive schools, relationships and practice.

Sponsor: Woolf Fisher Trust

Mentor: Hoana Pearson, QSM