Connor McDowall | Fletcher Kupe Leadership Scholar

Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) Finance

Creating better opportunities for the next generation is one of my fundamental principles. I strive to help each member of my community feel valued and supported. Diverse communities which foster growth mindsets and psychological safety have the potential to develop exceptional human capital with the resilience and compassion to continuing tackling the world’s most pressing issues.

Unfortunately, many inequalities exist which exacerbate the inability to create truly diverse communities. Mental illness, wealth inequality, food insecurity and education disparity will continue to ravage those most at risk. We continue to fail our most vulnerable by not addressing these issues collectively as a society.

The intersection of finance and technology has tremendous potential in addressing these inequalities. I seek to explore how to develop new investment, governance and financial frameworks to better incorporate equitable financial drivers and address the aforementioned inequalities.

Sponsor: Hugh Fletcher

Mentor: Bruce Aitken, Former President and Chief Executive of Methanex, former chair at the University of British Columbia's Centre for CEO Leadership, Distinguished Alumnus of the University of Auckland Business School