Blair Corbett | John Turnbull Kupe Leadership Scholar

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Civil Engineering

I have taken a roundabout path to my Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and have spent much of my formative years disillusioned and unsure of what it means to be a member of society and the human race. I feel empowered with a drive and determination to make myself a resourceful, dependable person. Despite the imperfections of our society, and grievances that are yet to be healed or addressed, we do still live in very exciting and opportunity laden times. I want to use my current and future successes to shine a light on the positive aspects of our society and help inspire people to rise to their potential and build strong foundations for themselves, so that they can, in turn, be the rocks of society that we will always desperately need. We are the team of 5 million and all the good things that we want to see in this world need to be built by our own hands.

Sponsor: John Turnbull Estate

Mentor: Troy Brockbank, Environmental Consultant with WSP, Board of NZ Water, 2018 Young Water Professional Award Winner.