Abigail Petrie | September Giving Kupe Leadership Scholar

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Archaeology

With such a heavy emphasis on understanding past peoples, it can be easy for archaeologists to for-get that the cultures and traditions we are studying often still have a relevant place in contemporary society. Across the world, Indigenous peoples have struggled with the discipline of archaeology, the meanings of the past and who has the right to assign such meanings. As a future anthropologist and archaeologist I aim to celebrate both the unity and the diversity of Polynesian culture, and help to carve out space for Māori to work alongside archaeologists in creating the historical narrative that is told of Aotearoa through archaeology. In this way, we can nurture connections to place and sense of identity and create a narrative of inclusivity that endures into the future.

Sponsor: September Giving Trust

Mentor: Maanu Paul, ONZM, Negotiator and long-serving member of the New Zealand Māori Council, community leader and passionate advocate for the interests of his iwi, hapu, whanau and te ao Māori in general. Leader in the establishment of the Mātaatua Rangatahi Court at Wairaka Marae in Whakatane, and continues to volunteer his time to the court.