Natasha Whyte | Sorrenson Sword Kupe Leadership Scholar

Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary)

(Undergraduate degree from Auckland University of Technology) 

The world is developing in many new exciting ways, providing room for young people to step up and take on design and technology challenges that haven’t existed before. The importance of design and technology industries is increasing. However, there is insufficient interest from our young people or support for them to become involved in these fields.

New Zealand has untapped potential in our youth and the opportunity to become world leaders of design and technology. I aim to increase the number of young New Zealanders working and studying design and technology subjects. I hope to achieve this by presenting myself as a positive role model, implementing strong leadership, facilitating development and increasing education equity.

Sponsor: Richard Sorrenson and Helen Sword

Mentor: Chris Clay, founding member of the Mindlab as the Education Director, 2011 Microsoft’s Global Innovative Educator, former secondary school Science teacher and former Education advisor to the Smithsonian Institute, USA.