Lana McCarthy | McCall MacBain Foundation Kupe Leadership Scholar

Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Psychology)

I care deeply about social justice and within that sits a multitude of social issues including; gendered violence and feminism, mental health and wellbeing, class inequality, and continued colonial violence in Aotearoa. I believe these issues are inextricably linked and to fight one almost always means fighting the others.

My particular areas of focus at present are critical mental health and activism in the service of people experiencing mental illness. Also, as an educator at Rape Prevention Education Whakatu Mauri, I co-facilitate classes in high schools in Tāmaki Makaurau about sexual consent and healthy, respectful relationships. I'm passionate about consent culture and deconstructing and transforming the way we think about, understand and do sexual consent and how this is fundamental to sexual violence prevention.

Sponsor: McCall MacBain Foundation

Mentor: Dr Kim McGregor, QSO, Chief Victims Advisor to Government, Director of Tiaki Consultants and Therapist, Trainer and Researcher in own private practice