Kelly Lowson | McCall MacBain Foundation Kupe Leadership Scholar

Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences

(Undergraduate degree from Otago Polytechnic)

In many professions, but especially in healthcare, we are often told the analogy of being the fence at the top of the cliff as opposed to the ambulance at the bottom and in my view there is no better place for that “fence” than before a person is born. Equally, the implementation of successful primary health and midwifery care often begins at the top, flowing down from leadership to those working within our communities.

As a midwife working in rural Aotearoa it is my privilege to work with women and their families to implement healthy and sustainable lifestyle choices which pass on their benefits to our future generations. I am also able to see first-hand the merit of good leadership within our field and the true difference this can make to our communities, especially those that are rural.

Inspired by this, my postgraduate study career will focus on how we can support the improvement of healthcare for women and their babies through effective leadership with the support of policy and research.

Sponsor: McCall MacBain Foundation

Mentor: Chloe Wright, Founder and Trustee of the Wright Family Foundation, Director of Birthing Centres and Co-owner of Best Start Childcare