Emma Watson | University of Auckland Foundation Kupe Leadership Scholar

Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary)

In modern society, it is disheartening to recognize how dominant discourses and societal expectations act as barriers for the diverse young people of Aotearoa. Our classrooms are rich with diversity in terms of identity, race, ethnicity, sexuality, and gender and I feel it is important that our learning environments and pedagogical approaches are inclusive and culturally responsive to accommodate a variety of learners.

I pursued a career in teaching because of my passion for working with and helping others; there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the light bulb flick on when a student understands something for the first time. I want all students to be able to have equal opportunities to experience these moments and in order to attain this goal, I believe a change in the way we approach teaching is necessary. Learning needs to be personalized and catered to each individual learner and if we are to truly embrace diversity in the classroom then this change is called for now more than ever.

Sponsor: The University of Auckland Foundation

Mentor: Nichola McCall, Deputy Principal Manurewa High School, Assistant Head of Learning, Health & Physical Education